In an enigmatic, mystic channel, the work liberated from the mind develops its own personality, by means of symbols and color, intensely felt and articulated. The vocabulary becomes the law of reference, infused by the forms which are held in suspense by contrary currents. A necessary element is a solid sexual irrationality, which is part of the paranoia shared by every human. However, the composition must not betray the thought, but must aid in the synthesis of deductive art. The viewer becomes the unprepared partner, impotent to the objective. Only the few will be challenged and discover a new landscape in the mind of the artist. Then we must question, should the artist be defeated by a lack of understanding and conform to an accepted moral sensibility? I think not! He must seek the extraordinary and embrace his inner most feelings  and desire. He should refuse all that he likes and accept that which horrifies, disgusts, and repels us, so that we may grow. It is indifference that is destructive. Art must foster a new aspect of reality and detach itself from the human obstacle. 

Technically I have devised my alphabet from many sources. When I see a form in machine gears or manufactured products, in Cactus plants , or in my diving excursions in the underwater world, I make note of my immediate reference response. That first impression is the key to the meaning of the symbol. As the vocabulary has grown over the years, many symbols and forms have integrated to take on a particular meaning. Sometimes similar forms take on a  different connotation depending on the central theme. The usual subjects are people that i know, and when their habits and frustrations become evident. I have always been intensely fascinated by the traits and mannerisms of our species. Now, with a full library of special meanings to my forms and colors, I can express the endless combinations necessary to capture complex personalities. The structural sense exists, it is not planned but becomes, as a result of experience and training. The key is knowing when the momentum is over. That is as important as the initial energy to start.