When my brother and I were very young, my father would tuck us in bed and tell us bedtime stories. He had a great imagination and would tell us these fantastic tales and embellish them with descriptions of the characters and places. My brother and I would get excited with all the fun things he would describe.  I remember as I got older that I would lie there and make up different endings to his stories that I thought were better. At the time I had no idea that this creative and stimulating atmosphere would be the foundation for my fantasies. As a young boy my mother nicknamed me the, “Dreamer”, as I often escaped into the world of my own fantasies. My mother said I would never amount to anything if I spent all of my time pondering the magical. I have learned that all people and all things are only what is conceived in the mind. I was guided into the art world, and art and music became my sole interests. Some time later I discovered girls, then my fantasies became sexual about the women that I knew.  It was in a way the means to making interesting evaluations, which in many cases were accurate. I started to illustrate the ideas I had about people and sex and their aberrations. My serious interest in art then paved the road to art schools, good professors and attaining the skill for traditional work. But, in the back of my mind was lingering the mystical and magic of my fantasies. I started to use shorthand symbols that were my own alphabet of meaning, and the scope grew and has never stopped. I am very much aware that most of my imagery is very foreign to the viewer, but with time and emotional response, I think people will get into my world. I am so entertained while executing the drawing, I can't help but think the viewer can reach this same level. It is my world and I would like to share it with you.                                                                                              - Christian Title