"My figurative images take place in a mystical state. One where my hand is guided by subconscious forces. I believe in a cult of simplicity where symbols play the leading role in the play. The symbols are the means of poking fun at morality and the facade of social acceptance. I reduce the intellectual reasoning as the logical impasse, and put the emphasis on instinctive response. With the vocabulary developed through many decades of direct experience and the desire for the final reduction, I search for the simplest way to express what one knows to be true. People are all  about their sex, their image, and their desires. I find the ambiguity, the pun, and the double take of oneself  the inspiration. In these words I have become indifferent to light and concentrate upon the transposed expression of forms, to expose the world of appearance. " - Christian Title

THE MONA LISA                        50" x 40"    oil on linen    


MARS & VENUS                           40" x 30"    oil on linen  


THE MARRIAGE                           50" x 40"    oil on linen    


BEACH PICNIC                                              24" x 30"    oil on linen   

Garden Eden.jpg

SUCK FACE                                16" x 12"    oil on linen    


THE IMPOSTER                                  30" x 24"    oil on linen    


PICASSO'S HEREAFTER                                 48" x 30"    oil on linen    


ESCAPE TO CENTRAL PARK                              27" x 20"    oil on linen    


FIRST ENCOUNTER                                 38" x 30"    oil on linen